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Welcome to the SwitchedOn review directory. I’m constantly reviewing the latest games that release on the Nintendo Switch, so click below to read a written version or find links to the video reviews within.

Super Mega Baseball 227/7/20199
For The King16/5/20198
Horizon Chase Turbo29/11/20188
Super Smash Bros Ultimate9/12/20189.5
Gear.Club Unlimited 214/12/20186.5
NBA 2K Playgrounds 217/12/20188
Jewel Fever 221/12/20185
Football Manager 201923/12/20187
Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force28/1/20198
New Star Manager30/1/20198.5
Beat Cop10/3/20194.5
R.B.I. Baseball 197/3/20197
Creepy Road28/2/20193
Devil Engine26/2/20197
X-Morph Defense21/2/20197
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons5/6/20197
Into the Breach28/9/20189
Boxing Champs10/6/20194
Bullet Battle Evolution11/6/20192
Streets of Rogue13/7/20198
Super Mutant Alien Assault12/7/20196.5
Stranger Things 3: The Game6/7/20198
MotoGP 196/7/20198.5
Graveyard Keeper21/6/20199.5
Xenon Racer24/5/20197
Lapis Labyrinth22/5/20196
Virtua Racing28/6/20198.5
Radiation City19/6/20193
Summer Sports Games16/6/20193
Steamworld Quest23/4/20199
Cadence of Hyrule14/6/20199
Cricket 1912/6/20199
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories8/6/20197.5
Slay the Spire6/6/201910
Little Friends: Dogs & Cats1/6/20196
Skelly Selest1/6/20197.5
Sonic Team Racing30/5/20198
TT Isle of Man 21/5/20198
American Fugitive21/5/20195.5
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered13/5/20198.5
Shakedown Hawaii7/5/20198
Darkest Hunters3/5/20196
Neo Atlas30/4/20197
Super Blood Hockey28/4/20196
Katana Zero18/4/201910
OMG! Zombies26/3/20197.5
Motorsport Manager19/3/20198.5
Thea: The Awakening1/2/20198.5
Iron Crypticle13/2/20198.5